Track M365 Copilot Readiness, Adoption and Impact with 'Microsoft Copilot Dashboard'

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard

A tool many Microsoft 365 Copilot admins have been asking for is the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard. It’s a new tool for tracking Microsoft 365 Copilot usage and impact introduced at the Microsoft Ignite conference.

At the 43:12 mark of the session ‘Getting your enterprise ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot’, the ‘Microsoft Copilot Dashboard’ was unveiled. This new feature from Viva Insights helps organizational leaders prepare for Copilot rollout, track adoption of key features, and assess its impact.

The Microsoft Copilot Dashboard app helps you get the most out of Microsoft 365 with AI assistance, insights, and recommendations. You can track and improve your productivity and skills with these features:

  • The readiness page shows how ready and active your organization is for Microsoft 365.

  • The user adoption trends page shows how Copilot and Microsoft 365 usage change over time.

  • The impact page shows how Copilot and Microsoft 365 affect user behavior and satisfaction.

See here for more infomation:

New ways Microsoft Copilot and Viva are transforming the employee experience

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard (Preview)

Connect to the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard (Preview)

The Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is just one of the many exciting innovations introduced at Ignite. Be sure to check out the full session list for more information.

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